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How to Remove Stains from Concrete- Pressure Washing Cement. The experts and Pressure Washers Direct have written a how to guide on stain removal from concrete showing you how quick and easy it can be.

Pressure Washing Concrete

How to Remove Stains from Concrete

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Mike, the Pressure Washer Expert
Pressure Washing Concrete

Tired of those ugly grease and oil spots making your concrete look like the floor of an auto shop?

These spots stick out like a sore thumb and are the reason why cement can be one of the most difficult surfaces to maintain and keep looking its best.

Dirt, oil, grease and grime are no match for the power of a pressure washer and can easily be removed.

It's best to divide up your project into multiple sections. This will prevent you from re-washing areas you've already cleaned.

The first step is to apply detergent, giving it 5 to 10 minutes to work into the concrete. Make sure to reapply water to any areas that start to dry.

Cleaning Concrete
When the detergent has done its job, switch to a general high pressure spray pattern and rinse away.

For areas that are heavily soiled, you may need to make a few extra passes.

Turbo Nozzle
Turbo Nozzle
If the extra passes aren't enough, enlist the service of a turbo nozzle.

A turbo nozzle can decrease your cleaning time by 40% and is helpful for blasting away and removing stubborn stains.

For your safety, it's important to make sure the turbo nozzle is always in motion while you work.

Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner
When cleaning time is of the essence and a turbo nozzle still isn't fast enough, a surface cleaner is the answer. They get the job done fast.

As you push the surface cleaner across the ground, two spinning jets of water within the cleaner-housing blast away stains. The end result is much more consistent and even clean, in less time.

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