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How to Dispense Soap with a Pressure Washer. The power washer experts and Pressure Washers Direct have written a how-to article about using detergents or soap with a pressure washer. The article includes a helpful how-to video.

Deep Cleaning with Detergent

How to Dispense Soap with a Pressure Washer

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Deep Cleaning with Detergent

The video does a great job explaining the difference between concentrated and non-concentrated detergents.

However, another option also exists. You can actually buy concentrated detergent inside a dissolvable gel pouch.

You simply drop a soap pack into your detergent tank and let it dissolve for a couple minutes. If you don't have a built-on deterent tank, you can simply drop one into a bucket of water.

Power Washer Soap
Mix one soap pack per quart. Basically, you use 4 soap packs to make a gallon of detergent.

Since they're concentrated, they're extremely lightweight and costs much less to ship than a heavy gallon of water.

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