Small Semi-Pro Gas Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

Small Semi-Pro Gas Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick a Small Semi-Pro Gas Power Washer

If you're the type who considers pressure washing more of a passion or an obsession than a chore, semi-pro gas pressure washers are for you.

These power washers can tackle anything short of commercial cleaning. And even then, you could still use one, it just wouldn't be the most efficient option.

So prepare your home, fences, decks, vehicles and anything else under the sun for a cleaning onslaught. These powerful pressure washers are the perfect option for annihilating every last spot of dirt from your property.

Axial Cam Vs. Triplex Pumps

Axial Cam Pump

When it comes to choosing a pump for your semi-pro power washer, they come equipped with the two best types (axial cam and triplex). Axial cam pumps are direct drive, meaning they spin at the same speed as the engine. They will wear down faster than a triplex pump, but provide a great deal of pressure and performance.

Triplex Power Washer Pump

Triplex plunger pumps are the highest quality pressure washer pumps, offering longer life and better performance. They also include a larger price tag, but if you intend on using your power washer frequently, they're well worth the expense. Plus, if the pump breaks down, you can get it rebuilt instead of getting a new washer.

Professional Features

Honda GX Power Washer Engine

We named this grade of pressure washers "semi-pro" because they bridge the gap from consumer to professional. That being said, our semi-pro units are designed with a lot of features you'd find on a professional unit.

All of these washers come with a professional grade spray gun, something you'll appreciate when taking on big jobs. The best professional feature you can get would be an engine. The engine is what spins the pump. The pump is what pressurizes the water. So the better the engine, the better the pressure. Look for units with a Honda GX engine.

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