Large Semi-Pro Gas Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

Large Semi-Pro Gas Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick a Large Semi-Pro Gas Power Washer

For heavy-duty cleaning and quality performance well beyond what's needed for basic homeowner use, large semi-pro gas-powered pressure washers offer the best you can get without stepping into the commercial-grade price point.


These pressure washers will tackle any cleaning challenge you can find, including farming equipment and apartment complexes. These units will remove grease from concrete, graffiti from bricks, and yes - even bird droppings from your car.


A great advantage to large semi-pro gas pressure washers is the steam-cleaning option. For extremely tough jobs, such as stripping a lot of paint or removing graffiti, a semi-pro steam pressure washer is exactly what you want.


Variable Pressure

Adjustable Pressure Washer Control

One of the most important features to look for on a large semi-pro gas pressure washer is variable or adjustable pressure controls. This way you can tailor the strength of PSI depending on your cleaning task.


Variable pressure is especially important on power washers as powerful as these units. 4000 PSI could damage siding or the exterior of vehicles so throttling the pressure based on the task at hand is crucial. Blasting mold from brick - crank it up. Rinsing detergent from your boat hull - turn it down.


Professional Features

Honda GX Power Washer Engine

We named this grade of pressure washers "semi-pro" because they bridge the gap from consumer to professional. That being said, our semi-pro units are designed with a lot of features you'd find on a professional unit. All but one of these washers come with a professional-grade spray gun, something you'll appreciate when taking on big jobs.


The best professional feature you can get would be an engine. The engine is what spins the pump. The pump is what pressurizes the water. So the better the engine, the better the pressure. Look for units with a Honda GX engine.


Spray Tips

Consumer Spray Tips

A nice feature that accompanies large gas pressure washers is a whole mess of spray tips - allowing you to tailor your spray to your cleaning task. If you're rinsing detergent from your siding, go with a wider spray. But if you're blasting mud or concrete from your tractor, choose a concentrated jet spray. In a 5-pack, the tips are:

  • 0° - red, concentrated pencil jet
  • 15° - yellow, high performance
  • 25° - green, multi-purpose
  • 40° - white, sensitive surfaces
  • 65° - black, low-pressure detergent application



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