Hot-Water Professional Electric Power Washer Buyer's Guide

Hot-Water Professional Electric Power Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Hot-Water Electric Pressure Washer

Have you ever tried washing dirty dishes in cold water? Instead of removing the caked-on grease and oil, you just end up moving it around.


Hot water is essential for cleaning oil, grime or grease and, with the aid of soap, sanitizes much more efficiently.


With the addition of heating coils, professional hot-water electric power washers blast away the toughest stains and messes with water temperatures of 250 degrees+. You won't need as much PSI to accomplish cleaning tasks when washing with hot water.



Water Heaters

Pressure Washer Hot Water Heater

The primary difference between cold and hot water pressure washers is a water heater. Powered by either diesel fuel or kerosene, a burner heats coils, which warm the water by as much as 200 degrees. This hot water will make short work of the greasiest stains.


The burners work just like a stove; you turn on the fuel source and a spark ignites the flame. The easiest option is to get a model with an electric starter for the burner. Although the electric motors for the pressure washer pump do not emit any carbon monoxide, the fuel for the burner does create emissions. That being said, these should not be used indoors.


Variable Pressure

Adjustable Pressure Washer Control

One of the most important features to look for on an electric hot-water pressure washer is variable or adjustable pressure controls. This way, you can tailor the strength of PSI depending on your cleaning task.


Variable pressure is especially important on power washers as powerful as these units. 4000 PSI could damage the cabinets in a commercial kitchen so throttling the pressure based on the task at hand is crucial. Blasting mold from brick - crank it up. Rinsing detergent - turn it down.


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