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AR Blue Clean 1800 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer With Hose Reel & Turbo Nozzle

AR Pressure Washers and Accessories
Model: AR390
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
4.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 5
79 Reviews
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Water Pressure
Water Flow
Cleaning Speed
Cleaning Units
Heavy Duty Universal Motor
34.5 foot GFCI power cord plugs into standard household outlet

AR 3 Axial-Piston Wobble Plate Pump
Stainless steel plungers last longer than other brands

Vertical Cabinet With Wheels
Handy wheels make it easy to move & store

Integrated Hose Reel
Keeps hose from tangling & kinking
Fully functional hose reel, can be used with the pressure on

Built In Accessories Holder
Keeps gun & nozzles organized

Total Stop System
Motor shuts off when trigger is released, prolongs motor life

Adjustable Spray Nozzle
Twist from wide spray to pencil point spray

Turbo Nozzle Included
Powerful agitator spray thoroughly cleans hard surfaces

Built In Detergent Tank
Applies pressure washer safe detergent

Motor Type
Motor Voltage
120-Volt Single-Phase
Running Amps
14 Amps
Power Cord Length
30 ft GFCI
Pump Brand
Pump Type
Adjustable Pressure
Chemical Injection
Single Detergent Tank
Water Temperature
Water Pressure
1800 PSI
Water Flow
1.6 GPM
Frame Type
2-Wheel Cart
Hose Storage
30-Ft Reel
Hose Length
30 Feet
Hose Material
Hose Diameter
1/4 Inch
Hose Connections
Spray Gun
Spray Gun Connection
Spray Gun Grade
Spray Gun Wand
Turbo Nozzle
Made in USA
40.7 Pounds
Product Length
15.74 Inches
Product Width
13.77 Inches
Product Height
34.17 Inches
Consumer Warranty
1 Year
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  6 Questions
Q: I cannot get the detergent dispenser (built in) on model 390 to work. What am I doing wrong?
by Kay Summers from South Carolina on July 27, 2016

A: You need to have the pressure washer set at the lowest pressure setting on the vario lance. Also see step 13 on page 7 of the OWNERS MANUAL. The detergent should only be about as thick as water or it will not be able to pull properly.
by Brian, Product Expert
Q: On the fence is the other AR SS worth $30 more
by David Duval from New Hampshire on May 16, 2015

A: The performance will be closely to the same. The SS has nicely upgraded accessories which will last longer and easier to use.
by Brian, Product Expert
Q: I bought an AR 390 love it! from you guys and would like to make my life easier. Ive found its easier to disconnect the hose from the sprayer when I wind it on to the reel. is there a quick disconnect that would fit my washer? I would also like to improve the time it takes to switching to the mtm foam cannon and back to rinsing. is there a quick disconnect for my washer for that? thanks!
by Dave Wolfs from Ohio on June 26, 2014

A: Since it is an M22 connection, you can purchase adapters to make this possible.
You will want to get one of model D10035 for your gun. You will then want to purchase anywhere between 2-3 of the adapter D10037. Purchase two if you just want to do your standard lance and foamer, purchase 3 if you would like to make your turbo nozzle a quick connect too so you don't ever have to thread them together again.
by Brian, Product Expert
Q: I want to use this with a MTM Hydro Foam Lance, what adaptor is needed. I was originally looking at the AR383 but it's my understanding there are no adaptors for the 383 to work with the Foam Lance. I'm hoping you have a solution for the 390 because it has metal threads. Thanks
by Jesse on March 21, 2012

A: The MTM Hydro foamer attachment will connect to the AR390 with no problem or any adapters needed. The foamer attachment comes with an M22 threaded adapter that will connect to the trigger gun just fine.
by Brian, Product Expert
Q: Can an extension cord be used or is it limited to the 25 foot power cord it comes with? How will this unit work for cleaning of a ski boat?
by Jeff from Idaho on April 04, 2011

A: Using an extension cord is not recommended with electric pressure washers. However, if the situation requires you to do so, you can use a 25' cord as long as it is an outdoor rated 14 gauge cord. You may increase the extension cord length up to 50' but then you have to increase the size of the cord to a 12 gauge cord.
by Brian, Product Expert
Q: Hi Bill,
I am interested in the new AR 390. I am a home owner using this for small jobs around the house. I was going to buy the AR383 but I think with the new 390 they fixed the hose reel problem? (not just for storage now) Also a longer 30' hose. Since it's new I can't find any reviews for it. The 383 is 1900psi the new is 1800psi would I miss the difference in power? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

by Hank Mayberry from Ohio on March 27, 2011

A: Yes the new AR390 does comes with a 30' hose versus the AR383 comes with a 25' hose. However, both hose reels are designed for storage use only. With any residential grade pressure washer that has a hose reel installed on it, you should always remove the entire hose from the reel during use. This will prevent any possible blockages within the hose that would cut down on the pressure.

In regards to the psi difference, more than likely you would not notice the difference. However, there is definitely a difference in pressure. Typical pressure from a garden hose is around 70 psi, just for you to compare.
by Brian, Product Expert
AR AR390 Reviews & Ratings
Overall Rating
4.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 5
Easy To Use (17)
Easy To Store (13)
Price (12)
Quiet (9)
Light Weight (9)
Unreliable (5)
Difficult To Use (5)
Low Quality (5)
Durability (4)
Bad Instructions (4)
78% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
79 Reviews  Sort by 
Ronnie Y.
Millsboro, DE
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 4/29/11
Total Helpful Votes
22 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Used Twice. So Far, So Good.
Bought this in April 2011 and have used it twice. First time to clean mildew from a deck. Worked pretty well but I wish it had a bit more power.

Second time I cleaned screens, vinyl siding and small driveway all with great results. Only one minor complaint and that is with the user manual which is very sparse for information. I had to call AR North America to get clarification on how to get the detergent flow to operate. Customer service was very helpful in explaning the operation. more
View Image
Was this review helpful?
William Gregory
Matamoras, PA
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 5/31/11
Total Reviews
4 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
43 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Motor Burned Out After Several Uses
The unit stopped working completely (the motor burned out) after using a half a dozen times over a 3 month period! Don't buy this power wise and invest the extra dollars in a real washer (gas powered!)
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Store
Cons: Unreliable, Low Quality, Durability
William Does Not Recommend This Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
Our records show you've had this unit for over 2 years. To get the longest service from your pressure washer, please be sure to store it where it won't freeze, and use a pump saver product over the winter (any brand will do).

To get the longest motor life, you also need to make sure you turn the motor completely off when you walk away from the unit. If you release the trigger to stop the water flow and leave it for more than 5 minutes, you also stop the flowing water from cooling the pump and motor and it will fail prematurely.
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 6/25/13
Total Helpful Votes
25 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Surprisingly Effective
I purchased this unit to replace an old, but very reliable, Karcher unit. Initially, I thought I'd buy another Karcher, since I had such good luck with them (more than 20 years of regular use). However, when I went through the reviews (on this site and, it became clear that there were many more issues/complaints for Karcher as a brand, than AR, so I bought the AR. While the jury is still out, and I doubt it's reasonable to hope for the same lifespan as my old Karcher, I'm... more
Pros: Features, Price, I'd Buy It Again
Cons: Plastic Hose Connectors
Don Recommends This AR Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
It's not only the PSI that makes for effective cleaning; it's the volume of water, or gallons per minute (GPM) that the unit can push, and the size of the hole in the nozzle (the orifice) that concentrates the water.

Higher GPM or a smaller orifice size can make the spray seem more powerful on the same (or lower) rated PSI pump. Pumps are rated on a test bench, with nothing hooked up to them so the largest possible number can be posted- how the water is routed after the pump can also affect how much pressure comes out of the spray tip.

That's where the "Cleaning Units" rating can come in handy- it levels the PSI/GPM playing field so you can compare units based on performance.
Was this review helpful?
David H.
Newtown Square, PA
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 8/31/13
Total Helpful Votes
23 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Good Product For The Price
Just used power washer for the first time. No problems with assembly.

I didn't experience any leaking problems from hose connection that has been reported by other users. Instructions are still vague about how to get cleaner flowing from tank.
Pros: Easy To Use, Price, Quiet
Cons: Power Cord Storage Needs To Be Larger
David Recommends This AR Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
You will need to turn the adjustable nozzle all the way to the wide setting, and then a little further until you feel a click. (For folks reading this, some nozzles will pull out for the soap mix instead of twisting.)

The click is the low pressure setting- it opens a valve in the tank so the rushing water can mix with the soap and be sprayed out the end of the wand. It won't work with the turbo nozzle.

Once you're done with the soap, twist the nozzle back towards the narrow setting until it clicks again, then spray for a minute to clear the soapy water out of the spray hose and you'll be ready to rinse.

It's a good idea to rinse the tank out when you're done- if soap dries in the tank it can clog up the feed tube.
Was this review helpful?
Mark B.
Waterloo, IL
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 8/31/13
Total Helpful Votes
19 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Not as good as they make it to be. Very light and tips over easily. Hose connection is made of plastic and cheap. It was made to look stronger than what it is at home.
Pros: Easy To Use, Light Weight
Cons: Durability, Low Quality
Mark Does Not Recommend This Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
This is a light weight, consumer grade pressure washer. Several of the staff own and use this unit on a regular basis- the hose reel does make it a little top-heavy, but it stands up to regular household use.

Pressure washers do best when you pay out the hose, then move the unit. Trying to move the unit by pulling on the hose will not work as well.
Was this review helpful?
Mark P.
Jacksonville, FL
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 6/21/14
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
17 Helpful Votes
3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
Better Than Gas
AR Blue 1800 PSI Pressure Washer is a solid product but I think the features they've added to it are not as good as the unit itself. But once it was operating, it was pretty powerful and the jet nozzle is great for covering a lot of ground quickly. Very good for household chores. Overall, I was pleased with it's performance when operating correctly.

There were three negatives however as some of the features I felt did not function as advertised. The new pressure switch which is... more
Mark Recommends This AR Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
The Start/Stop should function on its own since tying the trigger open can be a safety hazard. You can try pulling the trigger & letting the water run for a bit before starting the motor- this will drive out any air in the pump and prevent vapor lock. If this doesn't help, please contact the folks at AR Bue Clean Tech Support, toll free, at 866-235-5112. They will be able to help troubleshoot or offer warranty assistance. Please be sure to have the serial number of your pressure washer handy when you call them.

If you look at the product page for the AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner you will see a line in the Features that says "Adapter Part # PW3082750 Needed To Be Compatible With AR390". You can click on this link to order that AR Blue Clean Adaptor for AR390.

Turbo nozzles have a small disc with a hole in it that spins very fast under the pressure of the water. If the water supply has dirt or grit in it, it can jam up the spinning disc. You may want to add an inexpensive water filter to your garden hose to prevent dirt from getting through.

Hopefully this will make your pressure washing easier and more productive!
Was this review helpful?
Wally O.
Mesa, AZ
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 12/12/13
Total Helpful Votes
16 Helpful Votes
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Not Happy With Hose On New Pressure Washer
The manufacturers need to use better material on the pressure hose as it is very stiff and will kink if the operator is not careful the machine will tip over very easily- also so not so good.
Pros: Price, Easy To Store
Cons: Difficult To Use, Hose Is Very Stiff Gets Cat Tails In It Have To Keep Going Back A, Hose Is Stiif And Curls And Kinks A Real Pain
Wally Does Not Recommend This Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
Brand new 1/4" hose has a mind of its own- you may want to try unspooling the hose and laying it out in the sun before you start setting up the rest of the unit. That will help it "relax" and not want to be so curly when it's time to start washing.

Once you've done this a few times it will be easier to handle.
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 5/15/11
Total Helpful Votes
15 Helpful Votes
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Not A Good Product
I bought this product approx. 2 years ago. I've only used it (3) times and have had nothing but problems with it. It has recently stopped working and will not even turn on. It is too costly to repair.
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
We apologize for any inconvenience- this unit has a 1 year Factory Warranty, so that should have taken care of any problems in that time period.

The Owner's Manual stresses that it's important that the unit be stored where it will not freeze, and recommends the use of a pump saver product to drive out moisture and keep the seals lubricated when not in use.
Was this review helpful?
Friday Harbor, WA
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 7/10/13
Total Helpful Votes
12 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Easy To Use
After hassling with a gas pressure washer for years, I finally got smart and bought an electric model. They're easy to use, clean just as well, quiet, and easy to store.

Best decision for my home/shop use.
Pros: Reliable, I'd Buy It Again, Easy To Use, Easy To Store
Joe Recommends This AR Product
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 7/11/14
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Thumbs Up!
After being disappointed with several Karcher brand power washers, I decided to make one last attempt before hiring someone to clean a 10 by 12 foot concrete patio.

The AR Blue 1800 psi worked very well... I wouldn't use any less than 1800 psi. Had to add an adapter to the end of my hose (which I had) so it didn't leak and was very satisfied by the metal threaded connectors on the power washer.

Thumbs up!
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Store, I'd Buy It Again, Exceeded Expectations
Marge Recommends This AR Product
Was this review helpful?
Keith J.
Trinity, FL
Purchased from Pressure Washers Direct
Purchased 8/12/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Using Pressure Washer
We received it quickly. Assembled it and when it did not turn on, pressed reset as directions show. Did not look like reset light came on as it is so weak. Tried washer again and it worked.

The nozzle to pressure wash driveway is about the size of a pencil tip, so it took forever to do the driveway. It is a fine product for light use.
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Store, Durable, Light Weight
Cons: It Works Ok But Is Way Too Slow To Do Driveway Walkways
Keith Recommends This AR Product
Brian, the Pressure Washer Expert
Product Expert
There is a better way to clean a large flat surface- using the AR Blue Clean 10" Patio Cleaner.

It has a spinning nozzle under the disk that allows you to clean 10 inch wide swaths in less time than a spray nozzle. It also doesn't leave the "zebra stripes" that a spray nozzle will.

You will also need to add theAR Blue Clean 390 Adaptor so it will attach properly to your AR390 pressure washer.
Keith Would Recommend Pressure Washers Direct To A Friend
Web Site


"Liked the information. Was easy to purchase, pay for and shipping was fast."
Was this review helpful?
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