Virginia Man Wins $500 Pressure Washer Video Review Contest

Virginia Man Wins $500 Pressure Washer Video Review Contest

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer Easily Tackles Tough Jobs

FALLS CHURCH, VA (September 20, 2017) - Power Equipment Direct's bi-monthly video review contest has a new winner from Virginia.

Every two months, Power Equipment Direct holds a video review competition, that gives customers an opportunity to win $500 cash for their honest, informative video reviews. The videos are then featured on the website to help other shoppers by giving valuable insights into key product features and tips by demonstrating how the products actually work.

According to pressure washer expert, Brian Teitelbaum at Pressure Washers Direct, "Mike's video of the powerful Simpson PowerShot Pressure Washer was helpful, straightforward, and fun to watch! I love when our customers are so excited that they put together a video that helps others by seeing it in action. Mikes video brought the product to life while highlighting technical aspects that you cannot get just by looking online.

This video showcased many amazing features of the power washer by demonstrating its awesome power and cleaning abilities. By spraying a whopping 4 gallons-per-minute at 4,400 pounds-per-square-inch of pressure, Mike demonstrated how easily it blasted away dirt and grime that was built-up on his driveway and patio bricks.

It's exciting watching this video and Im proud to announce him as our winner. We hope to see more people having fun with their products by sending in their video reviews. It's a chance for them to have fun, win $500, and be featured on our site."

This round's winning video review comes from Mike W. of Falls Church, Virginia. The video features a Simpson PowerShot Professional Pressure Washer.

Mike's video goes from un-boxing, to set-up, to fighting grime. He even has several tips like making sure the gun's trigger is depressed to release pressure in the line to help with starting the engine.

When contacted, Mike responded by saying: "Great news! Thank you! Im stoked to hear I won! My thoughts on Pressure Washers Direct are still the same; a great place to gather info and compare lots of different options.

I toiled over the decision to purchase this pressure washer over another for quite a while. This is WAY more powerful than the 3100 PSI 2.8GPM machine I'm coming from. The extra water it moves with the higher PSI makes any job much less time-consuming, which is what I was looking for. Everything from the wheels, frame, engine, spray gun, and hose seem very durable and commercial-grade in quality. Overall, I'm very pleased with this pressure washer.

Combined with the great customer service I received when asking questions, I consider it the place to be when looking for a pressure washer!"

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