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How to Pressure Wash A Garbage Can

Pressure Washer Product Expert

Dirt and grime quickly build up in your trash can, leaving an unbearable smell.

Cleaning your garbage can is one of the nastiest household chores imaginable.

A regular garden hose doesn't have the power needed. You'll just end up rinsing away a few loose particles, still leaving you with a horrendous smell.

Luckily, pressure washers are here to help.

Rotating Brush
Pressure Washer BrushA rotating scrub brush attachment is recommended for projects like this. The spinning brush will do the work for you, saving you time and energy.

The power of your pressure washer spins the inner brushes of the attachment making the removal of build-up in your trash can almost effortless.

BleachOnce you have your supplies, it's time to get started. Apply a powerful detergent to the trash can using the rotating scrub brush. Make sure to cover everything, inside and out.

If you feel the detergent isn't enough to get rid of the smell, scrub the inside with a solution of bleach and water. Mix 1-part bleach for every 4-parts water and scrub using a hand brush.

It's very important you do NOT put this solution through your pressure washer. If you do, it can eat away your seals and cause damage to your machine.

Power Washing Garbage CanGive the detergent some time to work before rinsing. Flush the detergent from the can with regular water from your hose. Next, spray with a 40 degree spray tip on your pressure washer.

When spraying the inside of your can, make sure you're standing off to one side so you don't end up getting wet.

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