Pressure Washing Cars

Pressure Washing Cars

How to Convert Your Driveway Into a Car Wash

Jim. the Pressure Washer Expert
. Pressure Washer Expert

Washing the car at home is a time-honored tradition for many Americans.

So why do car owners still opt for the car wash? Sure a car wash is convenient, but with the right set-up, your driveway can be more convenient while saving you significant money over time.

A typical garden hose and a bucket of water makes the job time-intensive and tedious, but there is a better way.

You probably already have everything else you need, including towels, wax and a vacuum cleaner, so why not add a pressure washer to really do the job right?

The most basic model has 37 times the water pressure of a garden hose, which comes in handy when trying to remove tough dirt and salt stains on a vehicle.

Tips On How to Pressure Wash a Car or Truck
Here are some tips for pressure washing your vehicle at home:
  1. Rinse your car or truck thoroughly. Even if you've washed your vehicle recently, there will be some dust and dirt that can be removed with a water spray.

  2. Don't forget the bottom. Just because it can't be easily seen, doesn't mean it can't get dirty. Use the angled extension wand to clean your vehicle's underbelly and wheel wells.

  3. Apply a detergent using the pressure washer's chemical injection system. Make sure to use a pressure washer-approved detergent so as not to damage your vehicle, pressure washer or lawn.

  4. Use smooth, overlapping strokes, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Wait 5-10 minutes, giving the solution time to work.

  5. Use a rotating brush to help loosen stubborn dirt and grime. Why use elbow grease when you have a powerful scrubbing brush with multi-rotating bristles to do the work for you?

  6. Rinse under high pressure. Start at the top and work down to ensure the entire area is soap free.

  7. Pay close attention to both the spray angle and distance while using a pressure washer. Spraying too closely could damage an area of your car rather than clean it, so hold the wand a couple of feet from the surface and gradually move closer if additional cleaning power is needed.

Think of all the money you can save by washing your car at home. If you're the type who likes to wash your car every weekend, you'll save enough money to pay for a pressure washer in less than a year.

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Jim. the Pressure Washer Expert
. Pressure Washer Expert
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