Removing Mildew from Your Siding

Removing Mildew from Your Siding

How to Remove Mildew from Your Siding

Mildew can turn your once beautiful vinyl siding into a moldy green mess. Scrubbing it away by hand can be tiring, not to mention dangerous if you are standing on a ladder to reach high spaces.


Not to worry though, a pressure washer can blast away the mold and mildew so you never have to pick up a brush again, and extension wands and ladder savers can take the place of a ladder so your feet remain safely planted on the ground.



If you select any old pressure washing detergent, the mold and mildew on your house will not be properly treated and can return in the future. This is why it is important to select house and siding soap, made specifically for this task. It is important that you never run bleach through your pressure washer, as this can damage the seals on the inside of your machine. Divide your project up into sections to avoid any cleaning overlap. Apply the detergent and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Reapply water to any surfaces that begin to dry.


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Telescoping Wand

After you have given the detergent enough time to work, rinse your section using a low-pressure spray pattern from the bottom up. Stand back, and be careful around windows and light fixtures. If you have a second story house, a telescoping wand will make your job much more effective. It is an attachment that allows you to extend your reach without losing any cleaning power, rapidly reducing your cleaning time.


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