Pressure Washing Soffits and Gutters

Pressure Washing Soffits and Gutters

How to Pressure Wash Soffits and Gutters

Soffits and gutters can be some of the most difficult areas of your home to keep clean.

However, using a pressure washer makes it easy to keep these hard-to-reach places looking great.

Here, we'll cover which accessories can help, and we'll discuss a few tips for safe and effective pressure washing to get your soffits and gutters looking like new in no time.

1. Wet Soffits and Surrounding Foliage

Tough stains will require some detergent for a thorough clean; but before you soap everything up, make sure to soak everything with clean water. This will prevent damage to the surrounding foliage while rinsing away any large debris or dirt from the soffits so the detergent can better work its magic.

Start with a low-pressure nozzle for your initial rinse so you don't damage foliage or propel dirt and debris into your soffits. While you're at it, rinse the outsides of the gutters clean as well.

Pressure Washer Detergent

2. Apply Detergent

Fill your detergent tank or pale with a detergent solution. If you're using a concentrated detergent, be sure to dilute it according to the instructions on the detergent container. Switch your detergent tank to "On," make sure you have your detergent spray tip on, and begin applying the detergent to the soffits and the outsides of your gutters.

Don't face your soffits directly, but instead aim ahead of yourself and to the side a bit. This will allow any blown detergent water to blow away from you. Don't spray directly up at the soffits either, as you'll end up propelling more water into the soffits.

You want to minimize the amount of water you spray inside your soffits, as too much water can cause mold or mildew growth. Once you've thoroughly covered your soffits and gutters with detergent, let it work the dirt and stains loose while you switch spray nozzles.

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3. Spray Dirt & Detergent Away

As your detergent works the stains lose, switch your nozzle to a high-pressure spray pattern. Switch your detergent tank to "Off," aim the nozzle at a walkway, and squeeze the trigger to flush out any remaining detergent.

Begin from the same spot you began when applying detergent, and work in the same direction. Spray evenly along your soffits and gutters to remove all of the detergent, dirt, and stains. Some spots may be more stubborn, so take a little more time spraying those areas to ensure an even clean.

Once you're finished, switch back to a low-pressure nozzle and spray clean water over the surrounding foliage to rinse away any remaining detergent.

Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner

4. Clean Inside Your Gutters

To clean the inside of your gutter, you may be tempted to climb a ladder. Don't! There is a much safer and easier way to clean inside your gutters that doesn't require climbing a ladder. You should avoid using a pressure washer from a ladder if at all possible.

Instead, use a pressure washer gutter cleaner. These curved attachments allow you to hold your wand up and spray directly into the gutters while keeping your feet planted securely on the ground.

Start near a downspout and spray away from it. Angle your wand so the stream of water points away from the downspout, and progress down the length of the gutter. With enough pressure, the force of the water should propel debris out of the gutter.

Try not to force too much debris into your downspouts. If your gutters have a lot of debris, you may want to clean some out by hand first to avoid clogging your downspouts.

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