Refer a Friend and Get Paid

Refer a Friend and Get Paid

New Customer Referral Program

Introducing our Customer Referral Program! Earn up to $100 in rebates when you refer a friend to make their first purchase with Power Equipment Direct, eComfort, or ACWholesalers.

What to Do

  1. Tell Your Friend
  2. Your Friend Completes Their First Purchase
  3. Complete the Form.
  4. We'll review your form. If approved*, we'll issue your reward by the method selected!

*For approval conditions, read full details below

How it Works?

For Current Customers: If you’ve completed a purchase from Power Equipment Direct, eComfort, ACWholesalers, or any of PED’s family of stores* in the last three years, then you are eligible to refer a new purchasing customer in exchange for a payout of up to $100. Simply fill out the referral form above, submit, and that’s it! As long as the person you refer completed their purchase with us of at least $100 before taxes and other fees, you will get a payout (Note: You will need to ask them for their order number to fill out the form).

For New Customers: If you’re on the receiving end of a customer referral, you’ll receive a credit for completing your first purchase, as long as it is at least $100 before taxes and other fees. Plus, by completing your first purchase, you’ll be making sure the person who referred you gets a credit (and what are friends for?)

How Much Do I Get Paid?

The payout depends on the value of the order your new customer referee makes. See the table below:

New Customer Order ValueAmount Current Customer Will ReceiveAmount New Customer Will Receive
$100 - $499$25$10
$500 - $999$50$25

In short, the higher the value of the purchase your referee makes, the more money you BOTH get back.

How Will I Get Paid?

If you and your referee meet all requirements, you both will have the option of choosing a referral credit as either:

  1.  Cash back in the form of a rebate check
  2. Direct Dollars or Comfort Cash on our family of stores

NOTE: Referral credit cannot be split into multiple payment forms (i.e. a mix of store credit and rebate)

Am I Eligible to Refer Someone?

As long as you’ve made a purchase within the last threeyears from any of our family of stores, you are eligible to refer a new customer and receive a credit.

Who Can I Refer?

You can refer anyone who has never bought anything from our family of stores before. Friends, family, anyone.

Which Products is the Referral Eligible On?

Your referee can buy any product on our family of stores that is at least $100 before taxes and other fees.

Can I Refer More than 1 Person?

Yes! You can refer as many people as you'd like. The more you refer, the more you earn!

How Can I Submit the Referral Form?

Simply fill out and submit the above form. You can also email a PDF version to or mail it to:

Power Equipment Direct

Re: Referral Program

969 Veterans Parkway

Bolingbrook, IL. 60490

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Terms & Conditions

1. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted

2. Fraudulent submissions could result in federal prosecution under the U.S. mail fraud statutes

3. Offer is good only if purchased in the U.S.

4. All submitted proofs of purchase become the property of PED and cannot be returned

5. Omission of order number or any other required information will void processing

6. PED has the right to amend the terms and conditions or cancel this rebate at any time without notice.

7. Both the Original Order and Referral Order must have a value of $100 or more prior to any taxes or shipping costs.

8. Referral rebate requests must be submitted and received between 01/01/2023-07/31/2024. Any forms collected after 8/1/2024 will not be accepted. 

9. This rebate is in the form of a check or Direct Dollars only. (visit

10. Rebates will not be approved until both the Original Order and Referral Order have shipped.

11. Rebates will be sent directly to the Referrer and Referee 8-10 weeks after the rebate request is approved.

12. Referrer must have placed a past order with PED, eComfort, AC Wholesalers, or any of the PED family of stores.

13. Referee must not have previously made purchase from PED, eComfort, AC Wholesalers, or any of the PED family of stores.

14. Referral Order must have been placed after 01/01/2023 and no more than 3 years after the Original Order.

15. The Referee and Referrer must not be purchasing on behalf of the same household, organization, etc.

16. Referral rebate cannot be split into separate refund forms. If any Party does not choose a refund type, the rebate will be issued in the form of Direct Dollars.

17. Rebates will be awarded according to the schedule below: Order value $100-$499, current customer receives $25, new customer receives $10 rebate. Order value is $500-$999, current customer receives $50 and new customer receives $25. Orders $1,000 and over, current customers receive $100 rebate and new customer receives $50 rebate.

*Definitions: a. PED – Power Equipment Direct and related stores: AC Wholesalers, Air Compressors Direct, Chain Saws Direct, Chippers Direct, eComfort, Electric Generators Direct, Leaf Blowers Direct, Log Splitters Direct, Mowers Direct, Power Equipment Direct, Pressure Washers Direct, Snow Blowers Direct, Sump Pumps Direct, Water Pumps Direct b. Referrer – The party referring a new customer to Power Equipment Direct c. Referee – The party referred to Power Equipment Direct d. Party – An individual, household, organization, or similar e. Original Order – The order placed by the Referrer f. Referral Order – The order placed by the Referee g. Order Value – The cost of the items on the order before taxes, shipping charges, or similar. For other inquiries, email 

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