What is a Water Broom?

How to Quickly Clean Flat Surfaces

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Dirt, grime, and grease spots on your garage floor are no match for a water broom.

With as many as three or four times the number of spray nozzles, a water broom cleans more surface area with each sweep.

And because they have wheels, there's less strain, so almost anyone to use it.

A pressure washer broom enables you to sweep away debris and blast away embedded dirt and grease stains.

The Water Broom
A water broom is a powerful attachment for your pressure washer that pushes out debris while simultaneously power washing the surface.

It splits up the flow of water from your pressure washer into separate jets and is used just like a regular broom.

Water brooms make blasting away grime easier than ever. You no longer have to hold up a wand to spray, the wheels on the water broom make pushing it around effortless.

The flow of water from the jets is very straightforward, and will keep you dry throughout your entire use.

Each pass will clean a much larger surface area than your regular pressure washer wand, making cleaning big surface areas much faster and more efficient.

Looking for Rotating Surface Cleaners?
Water brooms are ideal for the average homeowner looking to clean their driveway, walkway, and garage floor quickly and easily.

However, for larger surface areas, it may be better to go with a larger attachment like a rotating surface cleaner.

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