Best Pressure Washers for Home Use in 2024

Best Pressure Washers for Home Use in 2024

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Home Pressure Washers

A great pressure washer is one of the handiest tools you can have around the house, offering you the independence to clean what you need when you need it. 

In this list of best pressure washers for home use, I’m cutting through the fluff to recommend the right machine for the job. You can check out my process for evaluating these pressure washers below.


The Best Pressure Washers for Home Use


Best Pressure Washer for Cars Best Pressure Washer for Decks Best Pressure Washer for Driveways Best Pressure Washer for House Siding Best Pressure Washer for General Cleaning

BE P1515EPNW-DF Pressure Washer

BE P1515EPNW-DF Pressure Washer


Simpson ALH3228-S Pressure Washer

Simpson ALH3228-S Pressure Washer Kit


Simpson PS4240S-KIT Pressure Washer

Simpson PowerShot Pressure Washer Kit


BE BE317RA-TGHLA Pressure Washer

BE BE317RA-TGHLA Pressure Washer Kit


BE B4213HSJ Pressure Washer

BE B4213HSJ Pressure Washer 




Best Pressure Washer for Cars: BE P1515EPNW-DF

BE P1515EPNW-DF Pressure Washer

Say goodbye to drive-through car washes. The BE P1515EPNW-DF electric car wash pressure washer kit is specially designed to give your car that dealership-clean look again.

It includes four gallons of car wash detergent, a built-in soap tank, and a long-range detergent foamer.  

If you’ve never used a foamer before, you’ll marvel at the difference it can make when cleaning your vehicle. Spraying the thick foam onto your car before blasting it off with water will redefine what you consider clean.  

You can wall-mount this pressure washer onto 16-inch studs as a permanent car washing station in your garage or carry it around as a portable unit (it weighs less than 100 pounds). It comes with adjustable pressure and four quick-connect spray tips that adapt to the job. An integrated hose reel keeps everything organized. 

Count on this unit lasting with a cool-running triplex plunger pump and low RPM electric motor with GFCI protection. To activate, simply plug it into regular 3-prong outlets using circuits that are at least 14 amps. 

Overall, this BE kit does a fantastic job of letting you wash your car from the convenience of home. You’ll get a professional-looking clean in no time. 


Spec Details Rating
Durability Triplex plunger pump runs cool; Low-RPM electric motor increases lifespan 4 Stars
Usability Includes high-volume soap foamer; Integrated hose reel; Quick-connect spray tips; Built-in soap tank with siphon tube; Includes 4-gal. of car wash detergent; Plugs into regular 3-prong outlet 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; Can be wall-mounted or hand-carried; Adjustable pattern on 4 spray tips and foamer; 50-ft. hose 5 Stars
Overall Value A fair-priced pressure washer that will turn your garage/driveway into a car wash 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • General homeowners


Who It's Not For:

  • Commercial car washers
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Best Pressure Washer for Decks: Simpson ALH3228-S KitSimpson ALH3228-S Pressure Washer

The dirty yet delicate nature of decks demands the right pressure washer. I recommend the Simpson ALH3228-S pressure washer kit that includes an all-important 15-inch surface cleaner. 

Providing 3,400 PSI of pressure at 2.5 GPM of flow, this unit can clean all sorts of surfaces in residential and commercial settings. However, it really shines when cleaning decks.  

The surface cleaner provides 10 times more coverage than a standard nozzle, providing faster, more even cleaning on decks without leaving any streaks or damage. Attach and remove the surface cleaner from the pressure washer wand as needed using the ¼-inch QC connection. 

The assembly itself is built to last with an aircraft aluminum frame, Honda GX commercial-grade engine, cool-running CAT triplex plunger pump, and 10-inch pneumatic tires that can handle diverse terrains. A low-oil shutdown feature provides behind-the-scenes protection. 

Adjustable pressure and five quick-connect nozzles let you adapt the Simpson unit to the task at hand. The 25-foot hose and spray gun also use quick-connect fittings for versatility. Another nice addition is the bonus 50-foot Monster hose that will provide extra length across large decks.  

You’ll have the cleanest deck on the block with this pressure washer. Plus, it comes with a 5-year factory warranty on the pump and a 10-year factory warranty on frame components. You can’t go wrong!


Specs Details Rating
Durability Commercial-grade Honda GX 390 engine; Triplex plunger pump runs cool; Aircraft aluminum frame; Kink-resistant hose 5 Stars
Usability Includes 15-inch surface cleaner for 10x more coverage than nozzle; Ergonomic spray gun; Quick-connect fittings & spray tips 4 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; 5 spray pattern nozzles, Siphon tube detergent injection; 25-ft hose plus bonus 50-ft hose;  5 Stars
Overall Value Perfect for cleaning decks, patios, and other wide area surfaces 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • General homeowners
  • Professionals with intermittent washing needs


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours


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Best Pressure Washer for Driveways: Simpson PowerShot KitSimpson PS4240S-KIT Pressure Washer

No one wants to spend hours cleaning a three-car driveway. That’s why I recommend the Simpson PowerShot pressure washer kit that includes a 20-inch surface cleaner to make quick work of any driveway. 

You’ll get 4,200 PSI of water pressure at a 4 GPM flow rate, made possible by a triplex plunger pump and Honda GX 390 commercial-grade engine. The welded, corrosion-resistant frame promises years of use.  

The surface cleaner is the game-changer for driveways. Two high-pressure, rotating jets provide quick, streak-free cleaning to deliver 10 times more coverage than a standard nozzle. It connects via an industry-standard 3/8-inch QC plug and has a lightweight, ergonomic handle for your comfort.  

When you’re not cleaning your driveway, use the ergonomic spray gun and wand to clean any surface around the house. Adjust the pressure as needed and switch between five quick-connect spray nozzles, including a soap applicator, as needed. The hose and spray gun also have quick-connect fittings. 

Speaking of hoses, you get two 50-foot Monster hoses that are steel-braided, non-marring, and resistant to kinks and abrasions. They can even connect to each other to create a 100-foot hose for impressive versatility. 

The package comes with a 10-year factory warranty on frame components, a 5-year limited factory warranty on the pump, and a 3-year Honda engine warranty. Overall, I promise your driveway will look as good as new!


Specs Details Rating
Durability Commercial-grade Honda GX 390 engine; Triplex plunger pump runs cool; Welded, powder-coated frame resists corrosion; Kink-resistant hoses; Safety lockout; Oil monitor 5 Stars
Usability Includes 20-inch surface cleaner for 10x more coverage than nozzle; Ergonomic spray gun; Quick-connect fittings & spray tips; PowerBoost® tech provides higher pressure at the nozzle 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; 5 spray pattern nozzles including soap applicator; Includes two 50-ft.hoses that connect 5 Stars
Overall Value  Well worth the price with the included surface cleaner and two hoses 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • General homeowners
  • Professionals with intermittent washing needs


Who It's Not For:

  • Budget-conscious homeowners
  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours


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Best Pressure Washer for House Siding: BE BE317RA-TGHLA Kit

BE BE317RA-TGHLA Pressure Washer

This BE pressure washer kit is specifically designed for washing vinyl siding, gutters, and soffits with its telescoping wand, gutter cleaner, and specialized detergent. 

The pressure washer itself provides 3,100 PSI of adjustable water pressure at 2.3 GPM of flow, includes a built-in detergent tank, and has a corrosion-resistant steel frame for great protection.  

I want to highlight the accessories, though, because they work together to clean your home’s siding and gutters with impressive ease.  

Use the 18-foot fiberglass telescoping wand to reach soffits, fascia, and siding from the safety of the ground. Depending on the required height, you can extend each segment of the wand individually. As an alternative, you also get the long-range soaper, which shoots soap up to 20 feet to wash away dirt and grime from otherwise hard-to-reach spots

For gutters, a specialized cleaner easily attaches to the telescoping wand and allows for a direct path into the gutter for maximal cleaning.

Finally, the kit includes four gallons of house and siding detergent, formulated specifically for cleaning the exterior of homes and buildings. It’s safe for use on latex-painted surfaces, vinyl gutters, glass, and concrete. 

Although this power washer kit is designed for siding, you can use it elsewhere. Confidently clean other home surfaces using the two, 25-foot hoses. This relatively low-cost investment will certainly make your home look pristine.


Specs Details Rating
Durability Corrosion-resistant steel frame; Flat-free wheels 5 Stars
Usability Includes 18-ft. telescoping wand; Long-range soaper QC nozzle; Gutter cleaner; Built-in detergent tank; Quick-connect spray tips; Includes 4-gal. of siding detergent; 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; Adjustable pattern on 4 spray tips; Two 25-foot hoses 4 Stars
Overall Value A full pressure washing package that will make quick work of siding at a great price  5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • General homeowners
  • Part-time pressure washing business owners


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours


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Best Pressure Washer for General Cleaning: BE B4213HSJ

BE B4213HSJ Pressure Washer


If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pressure washer that will clean whatever you need around the house, the BE B4213HSJ is the premium option. It provides 4200 PSI of water pressure at 3.9 GPM of flow, making it great for cleaning patio furniture, trash cans, grills, garage floors, and much more. 

A commercial-grade Honda GX390 engine and CAT triplex pump provide this power, enabling you to confidently wash every day if necessary. Depending on the application, you can adjust the pressure—less for car washes and more for driveways. 

The hose, spray gun, and four spray tips all use quick-connect fittings for fast and easy connections. Furthermore, the 3/8-inch, 50-foot hose and 36-inch spray gun allow you to reach distant surfaces without moving the whole unit. 

From a durability perspective, this pressure washer is solid. A heavy-duty stainless-steel frame protects the components, and the hose resists kinking. Oversized, flat-free tires easily handle rugged terrain, and an anti-vibration rubber foot will stop the unit from “walking” into your swimming pool. 

The BE B4213HSJ is a fantastic, all-around pressure washer built with high-quality construction and design. It will tackle any general cleaning needs you throw at it.

Specs Details Rating
Durability Commercial-Grade Honda GX30 engine; CAT triplex pump; Heavy-duty stainless steel frame; Never-flat tires; Anti-vibration rubber foot boosts stability; Steel-braided hose resists kinking 5 Stars
Usability Quick-connect fittings; Quick-connect nozzles; On-board spray tip storage; Frame cut-outs to easily change engine oil 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; 4 spray pattern nozzles; Detergent siphon tube; Oversized tires handle rough terrain; 50-foot hose 5 Stars
Overall Value Robust, premium pressure washer for those obsessed with cleanliness 4 Stars


Who It's For:

  • General homeowners
  • Part-time pressure washing business owners


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours
  • Budget-conscious homeowners


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How We Picked the Best Home Pressure Washers

When recommending home pressure washers, we take four features into account. 



Let’s face it. Whenever we buy a new tool or piece of equipment, we’re extremely careful with it for the first week or so. After that, all bets are off. 

The best pressure washers need to handle not only the knocks and bumps that come with the job but also the performance strain from years of use. 

This is durability, and it starts on the outside with the pressure washer frame. We consider the material, thickness, number of welding points, and other attributes that impact structural integrity. For example, corrosion resistance is extremely important since (spoiler alert) you can expect your pressure washer to get wet. 

The wheels, hoses, and other accessories that may come with the pressure washer should all also be built to last. 

Internally, I look at the engine and pump. How are they constructed? How do they run? Will they last for years to come? I also consider safety features like low oil shutoff and temperature sensors because a pressure washer that can protect itself from harm will last longer.



Life is hard enough, why should pressure washing be? We don’t waste our time on clunky, uncomfortable pressure washers that take forever to set up and adjust. Rather, the entire experience should be as frictionless as possible. 

Fitting type can make or break the usability of a pressure washer. The best home power washers have quick-connect fittings that let you attach hoses, spray guns, and nozzles with a quick snap instead of turning and threading. They can save significant time and hassle, especially if you’re switching between multiple components. 

Other usability features we consider are maintenance access, onboard storage, ergonomic controls, and portability.



The best home pressure washers can adjust to meet various cleaning needs found around the house.  

Versatility starts with adjustable pressure. For example, being able to reduce the pressure when washing your car is vital to avoid scraping off the paint. Great pressure washers also have multiple types of nozzles designed for different applications, including low-pressure soap cleaning with siphon tube detergent injection. 

Beyond this, the best pressure washers work with a wide breadth of accessories, preferably included in the purchase. I’m talking about surface cleaners, telescoping wands, and different types of detergent that will help you adapt to whatever you’re cleaning.


Overall Value

Making the best pressure washers costs manufacturers time, talent, and resources, so it’s not fair to expect them to be inexpensive. After all, you get what you pay for. 

Although I consider price, I place more emphasis on whether the pressure washer is worth the price. The price should reflect the combined value of the unit’s durability, usability, and versatility. I also consider warranty and where the power washer is made as part of my evaluation.


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Home Pressure Washer FAQs 

What is GPM?

GPM stands for Gallons per Minute and describes "how much" water is delivered, or its volume. A pressure washer rated for 4 GPM can produce 4 gallons of pressurized water per minute. 


What is PSI?

PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch and describes the pressure, or force, of water. A pressure washer rated for 1,000 PSI can produce 1,000 pounds of water per square inch.


What GPM pressure washer do I need?

When cleaning delicate surfaces like wood fences or cars covered in bird waste, an overly high pressure could cause damage. In those cases, you can compensate with a higher flow rate pressure washer. The higher GPMs will clean effectively through the sheer volume of water sprayed on the surface, also known as rinsing power. Generally speaking, most residential users will need a flow rate of 1-3 GPM, while most commercial users will need a minimum of 3.5-4 GPM.


What PSI pressure washer do I need? 

It depends on what you want to wash. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and represents the water pressure. Most homeowners will be satisfied with a 1,000-4,000 PSI pressure washer. The higher the pressure, the heavier the dirt you’ll be able to clean, like garage floor stains, paint splotches, and thick mold. Lower PSI pressure washers are perfect for lighter cleaning, like car washes, cobwebs, and your grill. Heavy-duty commercial pressure washing jobs will require more than 4,000 PSI. 

The best pressure washers come with an adjustable PSI setting, so you can adapt the pressure to your application. Learn more about selecting the right PSI pressure washer in our pressure washer buyer’s guide.


When should I use a pressure washer surface cleaner? 

Surface cleaners are designed to provide an even, streak-free clean across large surfaces like decks, patios, and driveways. They connect directly to a pressure washer wand and have a circular head with small, rotating nozzles that clean the surface.

They also save time. Depending on the diameter of the circular head, you can clean the same area in significantly less time than if you had just used the standard spray gun. Learn more in our surface cleaner buyer's guide.


When should I use a pressure washer telescoping wand? 

Telescoping wands are extensions for your pressure washing wand that enable you to safely stand on the ground when pressure washing surfaces that are one or multiple stories high. Use them when pressure washing siding, gazebos, roofs, and other high surfaces. Learn more in our telescoping wand buyer's guide.


Read More Pressure Washer FAQs


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