Small Consumer Gas Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick a Small Gas Consumer Power Washer

Pressure Washer Product Expert

Small consumer gas pressure washers are particularly great for two reasons:

  1. Have more cleaning power than electric units

  2. Can be used away from an electric source
With PSI ranges from 2200-2700, you can clean a wider variety of things as well as clean them faster.

What It Can Do
SmallAs far as cleaning projects you can undertake, a small gas pressure washer can handle most tasks, short of stripping paint. Some stains may be too resilient for cold water alone - you might need a detergent or hot water for the most serious stains.

A word of caution - when cleaning things like siding or a boat, make sure to start a good distance away and get in closer as needed. The pressure can be strong enough to damage these things.

Washing Vehicles

Brightening Wood

Cleaning Siding

Removing Stains

Stripping Paint

Spray Tips
Consumer Spray TipsA nice feature that accompanies small gas pressure washers is a cavalcade of spray tips - allowing you to tailor your spray to your cleaning task. If you're rinsing detergent from your siding, go with a wider spray. But if you're blasting mold and mildew from your walkway, choose a concentrated jet spray.

In a 5-pack, the tips are:
  • 0 - red, concentrated pencil jet
  • 15 - yellow, high performance
  • 25 - green, multi-purpose
  • 40 - white, sensitive surfaces
  • 65 - black, low pressure detergent application

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