Handheld Professional Electric Power Washer Buyer's Guide

Handheld Professional Electric Power Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Professional Handheld Power Washer

Professional cleaning power used to require the use of a large pressure washer.


However, advanced technology is making it possible to fit more power into smaller spaces. Just as computers can now be tucked into small handheld smartphones, professional power washers can be scaled down into handheld styles as well. 


These days, professional-grade pressure washers can be easily carried with you. You can even fit them into the trunk of a car. Sure, there are still big pressure washers with large hot water heaters included on them - however, handheld models make transport, maneuverability, and storage much easier.


Professional Features

Adjustable Pressure Washer Control

These professional pressure washers come with top-of-the-line triplex plunger pumps, which run cooler and lasts longer than axial or wobble pumps. They can also be rebuilt instead of replaced. One of the best features found on these professional power washers is adjustable pressure control.


This way you can tailor the strength of PSI depending on your cleaning task. Blasting mold from brick - crank it up. Rinsing detergent from your boat hull - turn it down.


Warm Water Cleaning

Warm Water CleaningUnlike our consumer and prosumer-grade pressure washers, some of our professional-grade units provide warm water cleaning. Unlike cold water pressure washers, these units can handle water up to 180⁰ Fahrenheit. Using warm water for cleaning is especially important for restaurants and commercial kitchens.


You need hot water and detergent to break up and remove grease from these places. And because these units are electric, you can safely use them indoors. Being handheld makes maneuvering around prep tables and appliances much easier too, so you'll be sure to like these handheld professional electric pressure washers a whole lot if you're in the restaurant industry.


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