Commercial Gas Cold-Water Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Cold Professional Gas Power Washer

Pressure Washer Product Expert

Power washing professionals rely on their equipment as much as any profession.

Without reliable machines, they can't make a living.

So it's no surprise gas-powered cold-water pressure washers are the most commonly used machines by the pros.

With more than 80 models, it's our largest category. These high-powered workhorses must exceed the most critical expectations, while delivering high-performance on a routine basis.

Professional Features
Professional Power WasherEverything about these pressure washers is top of the line. One feature to shop for is a thermo-sensor. To prevent damage, this detects when the pump is overheating.

Another similar feature is a low-oil shutdown. Running any small engine, whether on a push mower or a car, with low or no oil is asking for trouble. Oil cools and lubricates the engine, so the low-oil shutdown will turn off the unit when low engine oil is detected.

Honda GX EngineA feature you will find on all these professional pressure washers, is a commercial-grade engine. The most common, and widely sought-after engine is the Honda GX.

Commercial-grade engines start more easily, are more reliable and quieter than lesser-quality engines. Some engines feature oil monitor levels, which makes maintenance easier. Another benefit of a commercial engine is a longer warranty for repairs.

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