Best Wall Mount Pressure Washers

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Wall Mount Pressure Washers

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When you're shopping for a wall mount pressure washer, you don't want just any model - you want the best.

However, everyone has their own idea of what makes for the best. What one shopper may view as the best wall mountable pressure washer, another shopper may not.

That's why we've created three separate lists to help you identify the wall mounted pressure washer that's best for you. Choose to browse whichever list suits your interest.

As long as you find the best wall mount pressure washer for your needs, everyone's happy.

Top 10 Selling Wall Mount Pressure Washers

Top 10 Rated Wall Mount Pressure Washers

Recommended Wall Mount Pressure Washers

Top Professional Wall Mount Pressure Washers
Pressure-Pro Professional 1500 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Wall Mount Pressure Washer w/ Auto Stop-Start
This model includes all of the great features of the EE3015G: aluminum frame, triplex plunger pump, and interchangeable spray tips; but with a smaller wall-mounted frame and auto stop/start feature included. The auto stop/start feature is essentia...
BE Professional 1500 PSI (Electric Cold Water) Wall Mount Pressure Washer
Around mid-season and your team needs to make an upgrade, I would suggest making a trade for the X-1520FW1COMH. This unit has what it takes to really push your team over the edge. With a 2-Hp Baldor motor and an Industrial grade Comet Triplex, yo...
BE 1500 PSI (Electric - Cold Water) Wall Mount Pressure Washer
The P1515EPNW is a great example of a high quality machine at a great price! If you are in need of a Wall Mount pressure washer, this unit is a good one to look at. With a 1.5 HP motor and an adjustable Triplex pump, you really have everything ...

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