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There are many portable pressure washers on the market today, so finding the best one may seem overwhelming at first.

However, we've gone the extra mile to make it easier on you. If you're looking for the best portable pressure washer, you may want to know which ones are the best selling. Or maybe you're looking for top-rated portable pressure washers.

Most seem to gravitate toward our expert's recommendations. To serve everyone's needs best, we've provided all three lists for you to choose from.

Whether you choose from our best-selling, top-rated, or expert recommended portable pressure washers, you'll be choosing from the best.

Top 10 Selling Portable Pressure Washers

Top 10 Rated Portable Pressure Washers

Top Recommended Portable Pressure Washers

Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer w/ Honda Engine
4.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
The MSH3125-S Simpson unit has a durable Honda GC engine, which has earned it's place at the top of the small engine heap for being quieter and easier to start than other engines in its class. Amongst all of the consumer-grade pressure washers we ...
Generac 3100 PSI (Gas - Cold Water) Pressure Washer With Concrete Detergent & Turbo Nozzle
Giving you the most for your money at the $399.00 price, a turbo nozzle and gallon of concrete detergent are also included ($49.98 value)! The turbo nozzle will increase your cleaning speed and ability; they are my favorite accessory to pair with a p...
Generac One-Wash 3100 PSI (Gas - Cold Water) Pressure Washer
4.4 out of 54.4 out of 54.4 out of 54.4 out of 54.4 out of 5
Just turn the dial to your job task and go. The Generac One-Wash is great for the first time user but even someone like myself I just click and go without adjusting pressure or worrying about applying the incorrect pressure. The units includes ...
AR Blue Clean 1800 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer With Hose Reel & Turbo Nozzle
4.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 5
AR produces some of the best electric pressure washers available in the market today, and this is definitely one model that I would recommend. Unlike most electric pressure washers in this category, this model uses brass fittings- which is a hug...
Karcher Follow Me 1800 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer
4.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 5
I love this unit. Why? It's not bulky. If you want a small portable unit that can easily clean your patios and siding you'll love the ease of this unit. A lot of electrics tip over - it's the nature of moving vertical machines over hoses and gras...
Powerplay PressureJet 1800 PSI (Electric - Cold Water) Pressure Washer
The PJR1800 has jumped into our "Good" slot because it is literally the best quality electric pressure washer in this size and category that we offer. It contains a "AR" pump, hose reel, detergent tank all under $200.00 which is a great value for ...
Karcher 4000 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer w/ Honda GX Engine
You really can't go wrong with a Honda GX engine and a German engineered, Karcher brand pump. They are unique in that they can pull water from a tank and/or any standing source of water. Karcher produces a very heavy duty axial cam pump that if sto...
BE 4000 PSI (Gas - Cold Water) Pressure Washer
This unit has no shortage of power thatís for sure. The PowerEase 15-HP engine will provide plenty of power. BE then slapped a High Grade Triplex Plunger Pump that produces 4000 PSI at 4 GPM. The pump does have adjustable Pressure and this makes ...
Briggs & Stratton 3400 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer
1.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 5
Iím a big fan of this Briggs & Stratton pressure washer because of its power and its reliable components. Plus- this machine is made in the U.S., which to me is a testament of its great quality. The 20505 will make big cleaning jobs a breeze...
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