What's a Jetter?

What's a Jetter?

How to Clear Sewer and Drain Pipes

Do you have a clogged drain? Can you hardly tell if it's draining? As soap residue, hair, grease, and other things collect in your drain, they narrow the passageway, slowing down the passage of water.

There are many different products on the market designed for clearing a clogged drain, from the glorified plastic zip-ties to chemical drain cleaner, but many of them are ineffective at clearing the clog.


If you've tried several products on the market, and you're still left with a slow drain, there's one great piece of equipment that will clear any pipe blockages you encounter - a jetter.



Try Using a Jetter

Hydro Jetter

A drain jet uses high-pressure water to move through pipes and break away buildup.


One high-pressure stream of water is directed forward to clear the path while multiple high-pressure streams are directed in a reverse angle to propel the jet forward while also flushing debris backward.


Choosing A Jetter Style

The style you choose should be based on whether you'll use it indoors or outdoors.


Electric Jetters

Electric Hydro Jetter

For using indoors, you should choose an electric jetter. They're lighter weight, slightly less expensive, and most importantly, safe for indoor use.

You do not want to use a gas jetter inside your home or garage, because it will give off poisonous carbon monoxide.


Gas Jetters

Gas Hydro Jetter

If you plan to be running it outdoors to clear sewage lines of grease, sludge, sand, or ice, your best bet will be a gas jetter.

This will give you the power and mobility to clear tougher piping without needing an outlet.



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