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Got a leak in your pressure washer hose, but don't want to buy a new one? Let the experts at Pressure Washers Direct walk you through what to do.

To Repair or Not To Repair

Fixing a Leaky Pressure Washer Hose

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To Repair or Not To Repair

So you've got a leaky hose, which means you're lacking some serious water pressure.

While it may be possible to fix a high pressure hose, you must have the right tools and experience to safely do so.

Due to the high pressure it creates, repairing is not only unsafe, but also unlikely to hold together once it's being used.

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Replace, Don't Repair
For the sake of safety and reliability, we recommend you replace your hose with a new one rather than trying to repair it.

The high pressure running through the hose can be very dangerous if you have an incorrectly repaired leak that could burst open unexpectedly.

How to Pick the Perfect Pressure Washer Hose

Dangers of a Damaged Hose
Damaged hoses are dangerous. New hoses cost as little as $25, and prevent injury.

1. High pressure water forced through a small pin sized hole can be powerful enough to cut concrete or punch a hole in flesh. Do not try covering a puncture with your hand.

2. Taping, clogging, wrapping, or gluing a hole is not going to hold. The pressure will build up, then the patch will bust off, possibly causing severe injury or property damage.

3. A cut or hole in the hose near the end where you connect your wand is extremely dangerous because it's close to your arm when being used. Even without bursting, the high pressure leaking through the puncture can tear through the flesh in your arm.

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