Repairing or Replacing a Pressure Washer Hose

Repairing or Replacing a Pressure Washer Hose

Fixing a Leaky Pressure Washer Hose

A leaky hose means you're lacking some serious water pressure.


It may be tempting to try patching the leak, but the high-pressure water that's carried through the hose will force that patch loose, and could even cause serious injury.


While there are ways to repair a hose with the right tools and experience, it's not recommended. Replacing your hose is very affordable, and the peace of mind you get knowing your hose won't burst open and injure you is worth the investment.


Even a small pin-sized leak can be enough to cut into concrete, so just imagine what it can do to your hand or arm while you're pressure washing your siding.



Replace Your Hose - Don't Repair It

Pressure Washer Hose

High-pressure hoses are carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure throughout the length of the hose, using specially designed wire mesh to help the hose hold its shape and layers of materials designed to harness the pressure. Repairing a hose means repairing all layers of material and ensuring that the wire is shaped perfectly to hold the proper shape.


If you don't repair the hose just perfectly, it will not hold. You'll save a lot of time, and likely money, by simply replacing the hose. And knowing you have a new hose that's perfectly shaped and reinforced to manage the pressure will give you the confidence you want when pressure washing your property.


How to Pick the Perfect Pressure Washer Hose


Dangers of a Damaged Hose

A damaged hose can cause very serious injury that could land you in an emergency room. New hoses cost as little as $25, which is a lot more affordable than the average emergency room visit.

  1. High-pressure water forced through a small pin-sized hole can be powerful enough to cut concrete or punch a hole in flesh. Do not try covering a puncture with your hand.

  2. Taping, clogging, wrapping, or gluing a hole is not going to hold. Even the strongest duct tape won't do the trick. The pressure will build up, then the patch will bust off, possibly causing severe injury or property damage.

  3. A cut or hole in the hose near the end where you connect your wand is extremely dangerous because it's close to your arm when being used. Even without bursting, the high pressure leaking through the puncture can tear through the flesh in your arm.


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