Best Commercial Pressure Washers of 2024

Best Commercial Pressure Washers of 2024

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Commercial Pressure Washers

As a pro, you need the equipment to do the job. Whether you're cleaning residential properties, municipal buildings, or grimy industrial sewage pipes, having the right commercial pressure washer or jetter will keep the jobs (and money) rolling in. 

To help you pick the right one, I've compiled this list of the best commercial pressure washers. Click on each model below to view the product page filled with more features, specs, reviews, and other great resources.  


The Best Commercial Pressure Washers


Best Commercial Pressure Washer Best Pressure Washer Business Kit Best Portable Professional Pressure Washer Best Roll Cage Pressure Washer Best Truck-Mount Pressure Washer Best Pressure Washer Trailer Best Wall-Mount Pressure Washer Best Water Jetter

Pressure-Pro-EB4040HC Pressure Washer

Pressure-Pro EB4040HC-20


BE-BE B4213HSJ-HWTP Pressure Washer Business Kit



Kranzle-THERM2175TST Pressure Washer

Kranzle THERM2175TST


Simpson SW4440HCBM Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson SW4440HCBM


Easy Kleen EZO3504G-K-PSR Truck-Mount Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen EZO3504G-K-PSR 


Cam Spray CBG5055HT Trailer Pressure Washer

Cam Spray CBG5055HT


BE X-2050FW1A Wall-Mount Pressure Washer

BE X-2050FW1A


Easy-Kleen-EZJ3512G-R Jetter

Easy-Kleen EZJ3512G-R 




How We Picked the Best Commercial Pressure Washers

When recommending commercial-grade pressure washers, we take four features into account. 



From getting knocked, tipped over, or otherwise manhandled, commercial pressure washers can sure take a beating, especially on commercial job sites. Beyond this, frequent use can put a strain on the engine, pump, and other internal components. That’s why I only recommend units that can take a few punches and still come out swinging. 

Durability starts with the frame. The material, thickness, and number of welding points all play a role in how much abuse the pressure washer can handle. For example, frames made from aircraft grade aluminum are much desired for their strength yet light weight. If the unit has a roll cage for protection, even better.

I also consider the tires. Can they handle rough terrain? Not every property will be flat and uncluttered. How do they resist “walking,” which is unwanted movement caused by engine vibrations?

The hose should be kink-resistant because, let’s face it, we all abuse hoses. Safety and comfort features, like low oil shutoff and temperature sensors, are another consideration.

Finally, I look at the engine and pump. Is it a reputable brand? Does it run cool and efficiently? Will it handle years of use? Every component should be built to last. 



Using your pressure washer should be as simple and frictionless as possible. This is where I look at anything that makes life easier for you, the user.  

Portability matters, especially for large commercial pressure washers. You need options to get those behemoths to the job site. For example, having a lifting bar and forklift holes can make a world of difference when trying to place a 3,000 Ib pressure washer in the back of your truck.

Commercial job sites hold nothing back, so your pressure washer needs to meet the challenges head-on. Features like hot water capability, water and fuel storage tanks, and even remote control operation capability can help you meet the unique needs of your work. 

Other features like electric start, quick-connect fittings, and maintenance accessibility help remove roadblocks from operating and maintaining your pressure washer, so you can spend more time cleaning things and making money. 



You can wash almost anything with a pressure washer. That’s why the best commercial pressure washers are versatile in the sense that you can adapt them to your application. 

Adjustable pressure is a priority for me when choosing a pressure washer. Your pressure washing jobs could vary substantially from the morning to the afternoon, so you need to be able to adjust the water pressure accordingly. Hose length is another factor because the object you're cleaning may not always be conveniently located next to your pickup truck. For handling grease, oil, or other thick stains, you're going to want the option for hot water and easy application of cleaning detergent.

Overall, anything that expands the way you can use your pressure washer earns extra points from me.


Overall Value

You get what you pay for. Sure, there are cases when you can get a great deal on a quality pressure washer, but it usually costs money and resources for manufacturers to make their product “the best.” 

That’s why I don’t exclusively consider price when determining value. It’s a factor, but not the most important one. I'm most interested in whether the pressure washer is worth the price. Do its durability, usability, and versatility features justify the purchase? This is also where I consider the warranty, manufacturer support, and where the pressure washer is made.



Best Commercial Pressure Washer: Pressure-Pro EB4040HC-20

Pressure-Pro-EB4040HC Pressure Washer

Professionals seeking an all-around powerhouse should look no further than the Pressure Pro EB4040HC-20 commercial pressure washer. You’ll have a reliable partner on residential, commercial, and industrial job sites. Its belt-driven operation provides unmatched durability and ease of maintenance for a long-term power washing relationship.  

Durability is king in the professional pressure-washing business. The longer your washer lasts, the more jobs you take on and the more money you make. The Pressure Pro has several features that will help it last for years, like the belt drive triplex plunger pump that runs cooler and reduces wear and tear.   

The aircraft-grade aluminum frame, dual-padded shock-absorbing feet, large, never-flat wheels, and 50-foot steel-reinforced hose provide total protection. Furthermore, the frame has no welds, eliminating possible breakage points. The unit also includes a low oil shutdown feature and bypassing capability that will alleviate pressure buildup when you’re not pressing the trigger gun.  

When it comes to usability, you’ll be ready for anything with five quick-connect nozzles: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and one for use with chemicals. The water pressure is adjustable to meet your application requirements. Everything is designed for easy access, from the dashboard holding the nozzles, to the inlet/outlet fittings, to the convenient wand holder.  

Overall, this top-of-the-line pressure washer is a worthwhile investment for your business. It’s a longtime favorite of mine and one of our best-selling units. I highly recommend it. 


Spec Details Rating
Durability Honda GX390 engine; CAT triplex pump; Aircraft-grade aluminum frame; Dual-padded shock-absorbing feet; Never-flat wheels; Thermo sensor prevents overheating; Belt drive; Low oil shutdown 5 Stars
Usability Quick-connect fittings; Easy access to inlet & outlet fittings; Quick-connect nozzles; Dash panel with easy nozzle access 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; Oversized tires handle rough terrain; 50-foot hose; 5 spray pattern nozzles 5 Stars
Overall Value Reliable, long-lasting unit that will help pros get the most from their business 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals with intermittent washing needs
  • Homeowners
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Best Pressure Washer Business Kit: BE B4213HSJ-HWTPBE-BE B4213HSJ-HWTP Pressure Washer Business Kit

Pressure washing startups are popping up everywhere these days. If you’re new to the commercial washing industry, I recommend getting the BE B4213HSJ-HWTP startup kit. It comes with everything you need to kickstart your business. You’ll make quick work of estates, farms, and light commercial applications. 

The heart of the kit is the 4200 PSI cold water pressure washer, which provides a flowrate of 4 GPM and is powered by a 13-horsepower GX390 Honda engine. The CAT triplex plunger pump includes an adjustable pressure setting, so you can handle both light and demanding jobs. A durable, stainless-steel frame and never-flat wheels will handle years on the job. 

Besides the pressure washer itself, the kit includes a 20-inch surface cleaner for uniform cleaning of decks, patios, and driveways, as well as an 18-foot telescoping wand to reach high places. You’ll also find a ball valve kit and quick-connect fittings for easy switching of tips, wands, and hoses. A siphon tube makes using detergent simple on hard-to-clean stains. 

BE kits are proudly manufactured in the USA and come with a 5-year limited warranty on the pump and a 3-year Honda engine warranty. Get this kit if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and launch your pressure washing business off the ground!


Specs Details Rating
Durability Durable stainless steel frame; Oversized never-flat tires; Anti-vibration rubber foot prevents creep; Steel braid reinforced hose 4 Stars
Usability Quick-connect fittings; Quick-connect nozzles; Frame cut-outs to easily change engine oil; Welded steel arm rotary spray bar on surface cleaner cuts cleaning time by 60% w/ polypropylene cover 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; 20" surface cleaner; 18' telescoping spray wand, ball valve kit; 100-foot hose; 4 spray pattern nozzles 5 Stars
Overall Value Great, comprehensive starter kit for the entrepreneurs out there. 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • First-time pressure washer business owners
  • Residential and light to moderate commercial cleaners


Who It's Not For:

  • Homeowners
  • Heavy commercial cleaners


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Best Portable Professional Pressure Washer: Kranzle THERM2175TSTKranzle-THERM2175TST Pressure Washer


For some professional jobs like greasy restaurant appliances or stubborn concrete stains, you need to bring the heat. That’s exactly what the 220-volt Kranzle THERM2175TST does. It’s portable and electric-powered, so you can take it wherever duty calls. 

It's protected by a heavy-duty industrial steel frame and provides 2500 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 3.3 GPM. The water is heated by a diesel burner and has a digital temperature control panel for easy adjusting. Several features help ensure the industrial-grade pump lasts for years. Chief among these is the multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability. You read that right. The pump is specially designed to avoid overheating if you accidentally cut the water supply. Talk about foolproof.  

I also like the automatic on/off feature, where the unit turns off when you release the trigger, as well as the built-in 30-90-second delay if you pull the trigger after the unit has turned off. These features prevent frequent cycling and excessive wear while removing the need to turn the unit on and off manually. 

Beyond that, you get many usability and versatility features, including adjustable pressure settings, built-in accessory storage, detergent suction intake, a parking brake that stabilizes the unit, removable service panels, and more. It comes with a 20-foot power cord, but you'll need to provide the plug of your choice. I absolutely love this unit and highly recommend it for municipalities, buildings, plant cleaning, and more.


Specs Details Rating
Durability Heavy-duty industrial steel frame; Pump has solid brass head, ceramic-coated stainless steel plungers & self-priming capability 4 Stars
Usability Multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability prolongs lifetime; Auto on/off gun-jet control with variable 30 - 90 second delay; Removeable covers provide easy service access; Parking brake; Built-in accessory storage 5 Stars
Versatility Provides hot water; Adjustable pressure; Detergent siphon tube; 65-foot hose; Adjustable hot water temperature 5 Stars
Overall Value Convenient electric unit that is a great investment for those with frequent hot water cleaning 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Restaurant owners
  • Building managers
  • Professionals who regularly clean tough stains or grease


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals who focus on general cleaning of cars, windows, furniture, etc.


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Best Roll Cage Pressure Washer: Simpson SW4440HCBM

Simpson SW4440HCBM Gas Pressure Washer

Rest assured that, with its robust design and powerful 389cc Honda GX 390 engine, the Simpson SW4440HCBM belt drive gas pressure washer will handle whatever the job site throws at it. Due to the reliable belt drive, I especially recommend it for larger jobs lasting over three hours, like graffiti removal or cleaning medium to large-sized driveways.

Thanks to its AAA belt drive triplex pump, you'll get 4,200 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 4 GPM out of this unit. The pump runs cool, so you can count on the Simpson to handle 40+ hour work weeks and have a long overall lifetime. 

As robust as it is, the Simpson SW4440HCBM is amazingly simple to use thanks to its quick-connect hose, nozzle, and spray gun connections. Choose from five nozzles depending on how tough or gentle your cleaning job is. Adjust the pressure as needed with the adjustable unloader. Plus, use the lifting hooks to easily lift and place the unit wherever the job demands.

The hallmark of this Simpson pressure washer is its durability. It’s well-fortified with an exclusive roll-cage design that minimizes accidental flip-overs and protects critical components. It has a sturdy, four-wheel cart with a steel frame and subframe, as well as a wheel-locking brake system for stability. The steel, dual-braided high-pressure hose is non-marring and abrasion resistant, and large, 10-inch tires handle all terrains.

To top it all off, you'll get a 5-year pump and a 10-year frame warranty with this unit. If you want a rugged, commercial-grade pressure washer that will last, this is the one to get.


Specs Details Rating
Durability Honda GX390 engine; AAA belt drive triplex pump; Exclusive roll cage design; Pump runs cool; Low oil shutdown; 10-inch tires handle all terrain; Steel-framed 4-wheel cart; Steel, dual-braided hose 5 Stars
Usability Quick-connect fittings; Quick-connect nozzles; Insulated spray gun; Lifting hooks 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; Detergent siphon tube; 50-foot hose; 5 spray pattern nozzles 4 Stars
Overall Value Great warranty; Robustly designed to handle the rigors of the professional jobsite 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Professionals washing for several continuous hours
  • Homeowners


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals with intermittent washing needs


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Best Truck-Mount Pressure Washer: Easy-Kleen EZO3504G-K-PSR

Easy Kleen EZO3504G-K-PSR Truck-Mount Pressure Washer


Sometimes, you need to go out in the field to clean dirty construction, farming, or logging equipment. If you own a pickup truck, your best bet will be the Easy-Kleen EZO3504G-K-PSR truck-mount pressure washer. Delivering 3,500 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 4 GPM, this beast will handle caked-on dirt and debris with ease, especially since it cleans with hot water. 

You couldn’t ask for an easier-to-use unit, given its size and power. The Easy-Kleen is designed to slide right into the back of a pickup truck for 100% portability. It contains a 225-gallon water storage tank and a 10-gallon winterization system for sub-zero cleaning. A lifting bar and forklift holes allow for easy loading and unloading. 

Count on this powerhouse to last. The triplex plunger pump includes thermal protection against overheating, and a rugged steel roll-cage safeguards all critical components. The heating coil for the hot water burner is energy efficient and structurally braced to reduce vibration and pipe wear.  

You can also adjust the water pressure, hot water temperature, and choose from five quick-connect nozzles depending on your needs. The 100-foot hose lets you work in a wide area, and it reels up onto a frame-mounted reel for easy transportation. Take the Easy-Kleen wherever you take your pickup truck, and I promise you’ll be impressed by the results. 

Specs Details Rating
Durability Powder-coated, heavy-duty frame contains lifetime warranty; Rugged steel roll-cage protects critical components; Thermo pump protector prevents overheating 5 Stars
Usability Slides into standard bed pickup trucks; Lifting bar & forklift holes; 225-gallon water tank; Frame-mounted hose; Large fuel tank 5 Stars
Versatility Provides hot water; Quick-connect fittings; Quick-connect nozzles; 100-foot high-pressure hose; 10-gallon winterization system allows year-round cleaning 5 Stars
Overall Value This is the absolute perfect unit for professionals specializing in remote jobs and field cleaning.  5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Construction cleaners
  • Agricultural cleaners
  • Other professional cleaners with remote outdoor clients
  • Pickup truck owners


Who It's Not For:

  • Residential exterior cleaners
  • Indoor cleaners
  • Professionals who don't own a pickup truck
  • Homeowners


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Best Pressure Washer Trailer: Cam Spray CBG5055HT

Cam Spray CBG5055HT Trailer Pressure Washer

Looking for a complete hot water pressure washing system you can take on the job? I highly recommend the Cam Spray CBG5055HT trailer-mounted pressure washer. It contains a hot water power washer and a 300-gallon water tank you can hitch onto your vehicle and take on heavy commercial sites to clean bulldozers, tractors, and more.  

The unit provides a whopping 5,000 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 5.5 GPM. It has two hose reels. One contains 100 feet of 3/8” pressure hose, and the second contains 150 feet of garden hose for extra versatility. An electric start motor makes starting the 688cc Honda GX engine simple. 

You can adjust the water pressure depending on your needs and switch between four quick connect tips based on the job. The 120-volt oil burner runs on either diesel or kerosene, can achieve a 140° F rise in water temperature, and has an adjustable thermostat. 

Durability features include a no-rust burner tank, ceramic plungers and stainless-steel valves on the pump, and a powder-coated frame trailer with two 3,500-pound axles. The trailer contains lights, toolboxes, and is 100% road-ready when you buy it. So, if you have a hitch and heavy-duty pressure washing needs, you’ll be thrilled with this all-in-one package.


Spec Details Rating
Durability Powder-coated frame trailer w/ two 3,500 Ib axles; Ceramic plungers & stainless steel valves prolong pump life 4 Stars
Usability Electric start; 300-gallon water tank w/ auto-shutoff; Built-in steel diamond plate toolboxes; 15-inch wheels & road-ready lighting; 12-volt burner system; Quick-connect nozzles 5 Stars
Versatility Provides hot water; Burner uses diesel or kerosene; Includes 2 hose reels (3/8" pressure & garden); 4 spray pattern nozzles; 100-foot hose 5 Stars
Overall Value A worthwhile investment for those taking on heavy-duty pressure washing jobs on commercial and industrial sites 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Heavy to moderate commercial cleaners (construction, logging, municipal)
  • Commercial fleet washers
  • Professionals with a trailer hitch


Who It's Not For:

  • Residential exterior cleaners
  • Indoor cleaners
  • Professionals without a trailer hitch
  • Homeowners
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Best Wall-Mount Pressure Washer: BE X-2050FW1ABE X-2050FW1A Wall-Mount Pressure Washer

For a well-built unit that packs a punch, I highly recommend the BE X-2050FW1A wall-mount pressure washer. Shooting out 2,000 PSI of water pressure at a 3.5 GPM flow rate, it's the cream of the crop for heavy, frequent washing needs in auto shops, factories, and other commercial jobs tied to a specific location. 

This powerhouse is built to last, with a robust, 5-horsepower motor that is fully enclosed for protection against dirt and dust. The high-quality triplex pump runs cool to reduce wear and extend its lifetime. It is protected from overheating by an automatic start-stop feature that turns the unit off when you release the spray gun trigger.  

I promise this unit will make your life easier on the job. It'll always be there when needed. Reach where you need with the 50-foot steel wire reinforced hose, then reel it into the built-in reel. The quick connections on the hose, spray gun, and tips save you time so that you can do the job faster. Speaking of the tips, there are four of them to match the pressure you need, and, yes, the pressure is fully adjustable. Need detergent? No problem with the built-in siphon tube. 

Overall, you won't beat the price, performance, features, reliability, and support on this wall-mount unit. It's the best there is. Plain and simple! 


Specs Details Rating
Durability Fully-enclosed motor keeps out dirt; Auto start-stop prevents overheating; Triplex pump runs cool for long life; Steel wire hose 5 Stars
Usability Quick-connect nozzles; Quick-connect fittings; Insulated trigger gun; 36-inch lance 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; Detergent siphon tube; 50-foot hose; 4 spray nozzles 5 Stars
Overall Value Cream of the crop unit at a fair price that will last years 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Factory Managers
  • Other facility managers (marinas, gas stations, etc.)


Who It's Not For:

  • Professionals cleaners who travel to jobsites
  • Homeowners


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Best Water Jetter: Easy-Kleen EZJ3512G-REasy-Kleen EZJ3512G-R Jetter

When cleaning pipes, drains, and other commercial equipment with deep-seated clogs, you need the Easy-Kleen EZJ3512G-R jetter. Thanks to its 300-foot hose, the Easy-Kleen can reach where conventional pressure washers can’t, making it perfect for clearing plumbing fixtures. 

This jetter can be installed on the back of a pickup truck or cargo van for easy transportation to the jobsite. It provides 3,500 PSI of water pressure at a flow rate of 12 GPM to wash all dirt away. A 200-gallon tank stores water, so there’s no need to scour for a local water hookup. 

My favorite feature is the NEMA 4 watertight control box and remote control that lets you adjust the engine speed, turn the pressure on and off, reel the hose in, and shut down the engine. This is especially handy if your truck is parked outside and you’ve reeled out the hose to wash something inside a building. 

The other point worth emphasizing is how ruggedly this system is designed. It's protected by a heavy-duty, full-welded steel frame with a powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance. The hose, meanwhile, has excellent abrasion and fungus resistance, and the pump has stainless valves and brass manifolds. The 35-horsepower engine runs cool and efficiently, and a 10-gallon poly fuel tank provides extended run times.  

Although this system is a big investment, for the true professional going on these types of jobs, it will quickly pay off. I can’t recommend the Easy-Kleen enough for those who need a jetter. 


Specs Details Rating
Durability Heavy-duty welded steel frame; Pump has durable oil bath crankcase, stainless valves & brass manifolds; Engine has low vibration, full pressure lubrication, & advanced debris management 5 Stars
Usability Includes electric control box w/ remote; 200-gallon water tank; Can be transported via pickup truck or van; 10-gallon fuel tank increases runtime; 12-volt hose reel 5 Stars
Versatility Adjustable pressure; 300-foot hose; 4 spray nozzles 5 Stars
Overall Value If you need a jetter, this is the one to get, with its robust design and remote control feature 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Drain and sewage cleaners
  • Municipal and utility workers
  • Plumbers


Who It's Not For:

  • Residential or commercial exterior cleaners
  • Homeowners


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Commercial Pressure Washer FAQs 

How do I start a pressure washing business?

One of the first steps in starting your own pressure washing business is to invest in your equipment. Fortunately, pressure washer business kits are specially made for professionals just starting out.

They contain everything you need to get your business off the ground, including a pressure washer, hose, surface cleaner, telescopic wand, and other critical accessories. They remove the headache of having to buy each component separately, so you can start making money faster. Learn more about choosing a pressure washer business kit.


Should I repair or replace a pressure washer hose?

Although it may be tempting to repair a pressure washer hose, we strongly advise against it. Repairing a hose means repairing all layers of material and ensuring that the wire is shaped perfectly to hold the proper shape. If you don't repair the hose just right, it will not hold, which could result in serious injury.

Buying a new hose isn't very expensive, you'll save time on repairing, and you won't put your safety at risk. I definitely recommend going this route. Learn more about repairing vs replacing a pressure washer hose.


Can I connect high-pressure hoses with different diameters?

Yes, although it's not ideal, it's fine to connect high-pressure hoses with different diameters as long as the connections match. A good rule of thumb is to have the smaller diameter hose attached to the pump instead of the larger one to avoid restricting water flow.


What is a Jetter?

Although in the pressure washer family, a jetter is primarily designed to clear clogs and blockages in drain and sewage applications. Using a flexible hose and varying amounts of water pressure, a jetter blasts away sand, sludge, and other compacted dirt from sewage lines. Learn more in our jetter buyer's guide.


Should I get a trailer or truck-mount pressure washer?

Both trailer and truck-mount pressure washers allow you to handle one demanding commercial job after another, assuming you have the appropriate vehicle. Although both are similar in terms of cleaning power, trailer pressure washers typically include a water tank, which makes you self-sufficient on the job. On the flip side, since truck-mount pressure washers don't include a water tank, you can fit them on the back of your pickup for easier transport. 


Read More Pressure Washer FAQs



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